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Enjoy an excursion that takes you through the central valleys to Isla Negra , Pablo Neruda ‘s favorite place , and from a small town Pomaire crafts in clay . The visit to the home of Nobel Prize located in the coastal town of Isla Negra is an extraordinary experience ; through more than 3,500

Tour Viña del Mar – Valparaiso

Vina del Mar: Known as the Garden City for its beautiful lawns and gardens. Is the largest resort in Chile for its grand architecture, its beaches, casino, palaces and modern construcciones.Se can have lunch enjoying the varied cuisine of the area and you can see pieces of lapis lazuli stone existing only in Chile and

Tour Valle Nevado – Farellones

Just an hour from Santiago, the stunning scenery of the Andes, where are the most important ski centers in the region is discovered. To get there take a mountain road surrounded by vegetation and waterways. Upon reaching the destination is visited Valle Nevado, the largest in the southern hemisphere and the most modern ski resort

Tour Viña Concha y Toro

Rio Maipo Valley is Chile ‘s oldest wine region . It covers the city of Santiago and several nearby rural areas. Its climate is warm temperate , the average annual rainfall is 350 mm , and their land is irrigated by water from the Andes .

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